If dancing is an activity in which you excel, you likely want to expand your horizons by trying out for a part in an upcoming musical or other presentation. Ease some of the nerves caused by a first-time tryout by being prepared.

The best way to be prepared for any dance competition is to ask someone in charge what is expected. You may need to arrive early to change into a costume or simply do the routine in a T-shirt, shorts and shoes.

Go to bed on time the night before your performance. Stretch out before leaving for your appointment. Think positively, and go over your routine in your mind. Be early, prepared and courteous. What happens if you miss a step or forget a move? Keep smiling and carry on! A professional regains composure and completes the routine.

Do everything in your power to be prepared for the tryout and the results. If you need to improve in certain areas, sign up for and take those classes. Dancing is a skill that requires constant practice, working well with others and additional outside training.

One of the most important lessons is that nothing comes easily and no one is born knowing to dance. Your passion for the performance and dedication to excellence can put you in the lead.