Performance costumes are glittery, flowing and colorful. Here are a few of our favorites from both classic and novel performances:

One enjoyed the romance of the “Othello” costumes, with their flowing, billowy fabric.

Another loves the formal elegance of the “In the Night” costumes. These make even the novice feel like a professional ballerina.

Have you seen “Scheherazade”? The red skirts stand out impressively, yet the fabric and style are most comfortable.

Some enjoy the costumes worn by celebrities, and who is more outrageous than Lady Gaga and her acts? One person adores the facemasks worn in the “Born This Way” music video, claiming it simply appeared to be a part of her, as it enhanced her cheekbones and eyebrows and caused an overall sharper appearance.

Another favorite is the costumes worn by the famous Rockettes in the “Let Christmas Shine” musical. Their glamorous costume makes anyone feel like a Hollywood starlet in the Swarovski crystal-encrusted garment.

“Dancing with the Stars” always has neat costumes, especially when the contestant wears a red Argentine tango dress. Tango dancing is a sexy dance anyway, so the dress is the crowning jewel. This particular dress led nothing to the imagination with one side being completely open exposing all and topped with a lovely huge black flower on the shoulder. Balance the other side with pretty red stones and you have non-stop sexy.

When you are watching, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” take notice of the Titania costume, with the flowing lightweight fabric that is light and stretchy at the same time. It is a flattering ballet costume for anyone playing the role of Titania.

“The Sleeping Beauty” role of Aurora has a wonderful ballet tutu that is asymmetrical with a delicate peach-pink color. All little girls see this outfit and want to wear it and play the role.

“Stella” has a costume that is created from a whimsical and potpourri idea; by using different patterns, the look conveys a way-out futuristic flair.