Women love shoes. They love to look at shoes. They love to touch shoes. They love to pick out shoes. They love to shop for shoes. They love to show off shoes. How would anybody expect cheerleaders to be any different then? Indeed, we are not talking about any regular high-heels, boots or flip-flops. We are talking cheerleading shoes: a high-performance shoe for a high-performing lady.

Disclaimer: I am not going to pretend to be an unbiased reviewer here. I love shoes, and I love Nike. I mean, even the brand naming deserves some credit.; Nike is a name of an ancient Greek goddess of victory. How clever. Plus, there is no other shoe with just the right width, just the right support, just the right fit, and yes, just the right look. They JUST DO IT right.

There really is no reason to believe that the Nike Iconic Athletic line should be any different.

Nike Sideline Cheer II is a heavy-duty shoe that will last for a while. It has great traction for outside, in the grass, action; but don’t worry about bringing it into the gym, as the bottom soles are non-marking. A great selection of colors will allow for a perfect uniform fit.

Nike Free Hyper Cheer is so light and flexible, that you may find yourself searching for the lost pair, while wearing it, much to the entertainment for the rest of the team. Take them for a spin at an early morning or late evening jogging meet-up—their glow-in-the-dark pads will come in handy.

Nike Cheer Flash and Nike Complete were apparently created for the sole purpose of making the shoe shopping experience more difficult, and—let’s admit it—more exciting. So, go ahead and set the goddess inside you free. And I am not referring to the goddess of shopping, either.