What’s The Difference Between Custom VS Catalog Dance Costumes?

There are several reasons to choose custom costumes over catalog costumes. The differences between custom-designed and produced costumes and mass-produced costumes are many. Let us lay out just a few for you:


1. Originality – D. A. Designs costumes are 100% custom-made and created from scratch for you.
Some companies claim to make “custom” costumes, but they are really just using the same template over and over. They switch out one detail for another and call it “one-of-a-kind”. But, you can tell the difference, and so can the judges. We start our process with your ideas, and create a totally original piece, from the drawing to the finished product. You will never run into another team that is wearing the same thing you.

2. Quality – When you order a custom-designed and constructed outfit from D. A. Designs you are ordering something that is made just for you or your group’s needs in mind. Every outfit is sewn with great care to be extremely wearable, stretchable, and durable.
Catalog companies make thousands of costumes at a time, and store their inventory for years. This compromises both their quality and originality.


3. Assembly – Catalog orders often arrive in several pieces that require you to complete the final look.
D.A. Designs ships your outfits to you totally complete, with each members outfit individually bagged. We even add a garment bag for easy travel and transport to competitions and events.


4. Timeline  Custom-constructed, top quality outfits, sewn with care, don’t just happen overnight. But, when you order from D.A.Designs we will make sure that our costume is exactly what you want. If you need an outfit immediately for a performance, maybe a mass-produced catalog is the best option for you at the time. But, if you can give us a minimum of 30 days, you can have the outfit of your dreams (provided you have the budget to allow for it 😉


5. Pricing – Comparing catalog costumes to custom designs is like comparing a fast food burger to a fresh gourmet meal, prepared especially for you by a five-star chef. Ready-made products can be less expensive, but that is because they are inferior in both design and substance.


6. Personal Attention – When you contact D. A. Designs for a design consultation you receive our undivided attention. Our designers listen to your needs, wants, and ideas, and then work with you to design an outfit or costume that will fit your specific needs.

We give free custom dance uniform/costume advice to teams that are serious about their next competition. You can start by clicking the button below and telling us about your team. We hope to hear from you soon.