Here at D.A. Designs Dancewear, we pride ourselves on maintaining long-lasting relationships with our customers – some of which are so long that neither of us remembers exactly when or how we started working together!

“I have been using D.A. Designs for so many years that I can’t even remember how I found them!” said Donna Ranalli, Director at Broadway Bound Dance Academy. “They are the most reliable company I have ever dealt with.”

Donna and her Broadway Bound dancers are dedicated to the principle that dance is for everyone – no matter how young or how old. We’ve always admired Donna’s ability to attract dancers of every age, and we’ve had a great time designing custom costumes that make all her dancers look good.

DA Designs Brodway Bound Case Study
Some of Donna’s favorite D.A. Designs.

“My first costume request was a Christmas costume for the song ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey,” said Donna. “I gave D.A. a budget, and what they came up with is exactly what I envisioned.”

“But my favorite costume is SO. HARD. TO CHOOSE. So many of them have been amazing!” she continued. “I think maybe my favorite one was for a group I had tapping to ‘Transylvania Mania.’ I had six girls and one boy, ages seven to nine. D.A. Designs designed an age-appropriate, gothic dance costume for our girls that was so beautiful and rich in detail – and they made an equally amazing vampire costume for my boy, to match.”

It’s Exciting to See Your Ideas Become Dancewear

While she can’t remember how she found us, Donna knows exactly why she’s still working with us today. It’s because our quality is second-to-none, and our customer service is top-notch.

“Everyone at D.A. is so nice and accommodating,” says Donna. “No matter what I ask for, they figure out how to make it work. And they know who you are. When I call each year, Kaelin knows exactly who I am.”

“But honestly,” continued Donna, “D.A.’s reliability is their biggest selling point. I know that when I order from them, I’ll always have my costumes on time.”

We shipped Donna’s most recent order out to Pennsylvania just last week, and it’s arriving as this post is being written. When we asked Donna how she’s feeling as she waits for her latest costumes to arrive, she could barely contain her excitement.

“It’s always exciting to see the drawings that Kaelin and I have collaborated on come to life!” said Donna. “We’ll be receiving baseball costumes for our tiny tap, bell hop costumes for our mini tap, a bright and colorful latin-inspired jazz costume for our mini jazz, a Harry Potter inspired jazz costume for our junior jazz, and a bunch more. I can’t wait!”

If you also can’t wait to receive your next costumes from D.A. Designs, be sure to submit your design request today. In the meantime, we want to thank Donna and Broadway Bound Dance Academy for being such loyal customers over the years – we can’t wait to see what we’ll design for them next!