If you know anything about D.A. Designs, you know that we pride ourselves on creating “Truly Custom” dancewear. But what does truly custom actually mean, and what sets us apart from catalog costumes and even other designers? In other words, what makes D.A. Designs Dancewear different?

All Our Designs Are Really, Truly Unique

To us, truly custom means that any time we create a new design, costume, or uniform, that dancewear will be truly unique. We never duplicate an existing costume or uniform design (unless a client asks us to). And we always work one-on-one with our clients, to understand their vision, inspiration, and needs.

See how we created custom costumes for Clovis North High School.

Even if you have difficulty articulating your vision, we work with you to make sure you love your custom design – and the costume or uniform we produce as a result. Your vision becomes our priority, and we do our best to ensure that we achieve that vision.

Designer Involvement Throughout the Process

As our seamstresses create your dancewear, your D.A. designer stays involved in all aspects of production. For everything from applique design and placement to strap width measurements, your designer is keeping an eye on your costume or uniform – and making sure it turns out exactly as you’d expected and hoped for. (Or as close as we can, at least. We’re only human, after all!)

Our founder, Dennette Nakamura, created our patterns over 30 years ago, and they are peerless in our industry. And because we work only with 4-way stretch fabrics, our costumes and uniforms just about always fit. In fact, we rarely have a situation where a costume or uniform doesn’t fit. If we do, it’s generally the result of receiving measurements that were not quite right – which is why we always stress how important accurate measurements are!

But if there’s ever any issue with your costume or uniform, we’re always there to troubleshoot it with you, and make sure your dancewear fits and looks great.

DA Designs Dancerpalooza 3
Dennette Nakamura, Kaelin Anderson, and the D.A. Designs team.

Consistent Fit, Attention to Detail, Outstanding Custom Dancewear

We provide a consistent fit and attention to detail that is unmatched by any other company, custom or catalog. That’s what “Truly Custom Dancewear” means to us, and it’s the promise we make each of our clients.

If you want to learn more, we’d recommend you peruse our dancewear gallery and, if you like what you see, contact us to see how we can help you create a truly custom costume or uniform. We hope this post helped you understand what D.A. Designs Dancewear is all about – and how and why we create Truly Custom Costumes and Uniforms!