cheerleadersCheerleaders are a unique breed of athletes. Once they become a cheerleader, they live and breathe the cheer lifestyle. They’re quite the dedicated athlete! The longer you’re a cheerleader, the more cheer seems to be a part of everything you do in life. According to the readers of one cheerleading blog, there are some common signs and habits of being a cheerleader. Here are the reader’s top 10 things that truly define a cheerleader’s dedication to her sport and her passion.

1. You say the bigger the bow the better.

2. You wait until the end of season before you get a haircut.

3. You pose with your hands on your hips for all photos.

4. Facials become a habit.

5. You spend hour after hour on YouTube watching routines.

6. You feel accomplished for hitting your bow and arrow.

7. You can walk down the hallway performing your routine.

8. You can change your clothes in a car or bus without anyone noticing.

9. You call it a tuck not a flip.

10. Every song you hear is potential mix material.

What did we miss? Let us know your top 10!