Quick: When you think of cheerleaders, what comes to mind? If you are like most people, you probably think of the cheers, the tumbling, the cute outfits and even the pom poms. But wait, there is even more to cheer than those things.

Cheerleaders have “the look” and “the attitude” (that is supported by “the look”), which they achieve with their super-secret, exclusive cheerleader accessories!

Think about it. Do you think that glitter makeup or rhinestones just happen to fall that way? And what about the bows? Do you really think that is a happy accident? No way! A cheerleader’s appearance is carefully designed and perfectly sculpted to provide that fresh and fabulous cheerleader persona.

And it works.

After reading this post, one is left with images of overflowing drawers, cabinets and baskets filled with hair bows. Sorry, that is just the image that came to mind. But, then again, bows are a big part of a cheerleader’s look, so she would need a bunch of them.

But the coolest part of the whole post rests quietly in one of the final paragraphs. It talks about the adhesive used for glitter make up and rhinestones; it is a makeup glue for use on the skin. That’s cool and probably something that someone who is not in cheerleading or some other similar performance activity wouldn’t necessarily know.

Then the post author drops the bomb, “Don’t use craft glue or any glue that isn’t specifically for makeup purposes.” This would mean that someone has actually tried this and, apparently, it did not end well. Good information.

Sometimes, though, the best stories lie in the most obscure, off-hand remarks.

Yes, cheerleaders are the most unique of athletes. They go through grueling, physical exertion and are expected to smile, have an abundance of energy and look fabulous while doing it. You don’t see football players or soccer players held to those standards.

But cheerleaders are held to them and they do accomplish it … while making it all look so easy. Rock on ladies!