We live in a not so kinder, gentler time now and any business that deals with minor children must be protected from lawsuits and possible criminal charges. Whether it’s parent volunteers or actual assistant coaches, certain guidelines must be printed on a contract, reviewed with each person, and signed by both parties.

Do not allow:

  • Private practice sessions.
  • Staff to give dancers a ride home.
  • Texting from any staff member to any of the dancers.

Studio owners should follow similar guidelines when hiring new staff.

During the interview, ask why the person is interested in the job, what they expect to contribute and what they hope to gain. You should also request two or three references, with phone numbers, and get the candidate’s written permission for you to contact each reference.

Do not ask about:

  • Age, height or weight.
  • Marital status or religion.

If you feel uncomfortable about any candidate, pass them by—gut instinct is often right. The important goal is finding dependable employees that fit in with your program, will get along with other staff members and the dancers, and demonstrate an eagerness to learn new skills.