Who says it is easy to teach preschool kiddies? In our opinion, these pint-sized dancers offer the most challenges—and the most rewards! The best way to teach or prune these little dancers would be to toe their line and make their class interesting. Once the children love what you do and love you too, you’ll be able to wow both them and their parents.

First and foremost, you have to mentally place yourself in that age group and look at things from their eyes. Make your class as colorful and stimulating as possible. Set out attractive mats and wall hangings, and use only eye-catching and brightly colored props to catch their attention. If you want to assign them to a place, like making them sit or stand at a spot, earmark each space with something imaginative but have a strict boundary line. This will make them happy and disciplined too.

Whether you are working with tiny tots or older kids, you need to instill discipline in your students so that they know they have to behave while they are taught. The little kids will learn so quickly that when you err with your rules, they will point it out instantly. That’s the beauty of being involved with preschoolers.

One more thing you need to know here: end the same way as you begin with them. This way, they will know that end points of your structure will not change, but there will be flexibility in between!