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The rich food and desserts found everywhere during the holiday season gives a challenge to those who are determined to not regain the weight they have spent time and effort to lose during the preceding months. It is possible to eat sensibly and still enjoy some of the holiday favorites while celebrating with family and friends. There are number of tips and tricks that allow you to participate without skipping meals and existing on celery and carrots while those around you feast on sugarplums and cake.

One of the most important things to remember is to not skip any meals. Skipping meals can lead to excess eating or developing low blood sugar which can lead to fainting. Eat regular meals just pick and choose the foods that you eat to create a balance. It is better to eat a little of different foods including some of the favorites. Another trick is to use a smaller plate because this will trick your brain into thinking you have consumed more food.

Eat slowly and if possible before you arrive at the party eat some healthy foods such as oatmeal with raisins. This will help you to resist all the high caloric foods and concentrate on making wise choices with your meal. After eating, move away from the food and if possible participate in some type of game that requires movement to burn off some of the calories you ingested.

Some people recommending bringing your own snacks, especially if you have gluten or other dietary restrictions. That way you will be able to eat and enjoy time with your friends and relatives, not worrying about how much you can have of any item served. Choose water with lemon or herbal tea instead of calorie rich drinks. After the meal, walk around the block or take advantage of dancing if there is an opportunity.

Be creative in the invitations you do accept, decline those that you really do not enjoy attending. Eating due to boredom is one of the ways to break healthy eating habits and dull parties or social events can lead to this behavior. If possible, choose from the food offered and be selective in what you pick. Try to go for a wide variety of color and chose vegetables and healthy snacks when possible.

Follow these sensible tips to keep eating healthy during the holidays. Use common sense and if you do eat too much, spend some extra time walking or running it off. The key is to keep on practicing the healthy eating and exercising lifestyle you have developed during the whole year. Holidays just offer another chance to practice what you have learned.