We work with many studios and schools across the United States, and we get so excited when we get to create for someone here in the Central Valley! We created this uniform for Tulare Western Colorguard at Tulare Western High School in Tulare, CA. They march with the Band in parades and perform in the half-time show at school football games.

The Colorguard coach, Megan, wanted a one-sleeve dress with a flowy skirt that incorporated school colors. Sometimes clients need help with their designs, but in this case, Megan knew what she wanted, so this design came together quickly. At one point, there was talk of wanting to add white to the design. And that would have been beautiful, but we recommended against it given that much of the design was red. In our experience, red and white are not good company. Especially given that the guard members would be marching in the California Central Valley heat! These uniforms would need to be thoroughly washed to keep them wearable. And, anytime team members will be washing a costume that combines red and white, you know someone will have a color running issue. So, it’s best to just avoid it if you can! We added an embroidered patch to the hip, which helped coordinate them with the Band uniforms and it was the perfect finishing touch!

We were thrilled with the final product and the team looked beautiful in the uniforms. Go Mustangs!

With schools starting up in the fall, we can’t wait to create new uniforms with Tulare Western Colorguard and other school teams!