From sewing Barbie clothes to sewing beautiful custom costumes for studios and schools across the county, we’d like you to meet another of our experienced seamstresses at D.A. Designs: Christine Johnson.

Christine has been working at D.A. Designs for about ten years and has been sewing since she was five years old. Her fondest memories are of her using her mother’s sewing machine and her first real job of making Barbie clothes for her next-door neighbor.

Her favorite designs to sew are lyrical dance costumes. There’s nothing like seeing the flow and grace of lyrical dancewear to accentuate the beauty of a dancers’ every movement.

Christine loves the work environment and open communication at D.A. Designs. When our seamstresses have concerns or there’s something that needs to be done differently, we listen. We’re more than a team, we’re a family of creative and talented designers, all working to create truly custom costumes that Fit, Flatter, and Last!

And we also stock up on chocolates, which Christine says is the very best thing about working at D.A. Designs.

Thanks, Christine!