Leading a team of any kind to success requires certain attributes or qualities for the team captain to have, regardless of gender. These are the essential  building blocks to work with the team members and mold them into a single unit capable of performing under pressure and achieving the goals set before them. Quite often, this requires that the person be a team player able to relate well with the players, other coaches and assistants. Captains of cheer teams and athletic teams must have some of the same skill sets.

Good team captains are organized, and will listen to what other players say and represent the concerns of cheer members to the coach. The captain is also responsible to execute the game plans that the coach decides on. Similarly, the team captain must know the other players and what skill sets they have to add to the game. For dance members, this includes knowledge of what moves they can perform in a specified amount of time.

The skill and more importantly the ability to know when to step up to assist the players is a critical attribute all captains should have. Without guidance from someone who knows the plays, players and coaches, the game would be much less exciting. Cheerleading requires integrity, another character trait that is often used to describe team captains. Every team, sports or business, needs fantastic, trained team captains who can lead the team to victory over the competition.