cheerSome of us have only one focus—whether cheerleading, science, writing or some other interest. When this is the case, you give full attention to your chosen activity and practice and perfect it. But what do you do when you have multiple passions demanding your time? If you are a high school cheerleader and love playing some other sport, you have to learn to juggle between the two. Actually, you have three things to juggle, because you cannot neglect your studies–your education is equally important. If you are a smart operator and planner, you can make a success of all three, but first you must make a plan and stick to it.

It’s not unusual to see people being equally talented in a number of activities at the same time. You have to follow their success stories to be good at all that you are doing. Get in touch with your coaches and your teacher, and draw an action plan to make sure you’re not neglecting any one particular thing. In the process, you might have to sacrifice a few personal pleasures … but then again, nothing in life can be achieved without paying the price!

Do not try to be super human and stretch too far; every person has his or her own elasticity limit. If you feel you are likely to snap, consult those involved—including your parents—and make the right decision.