For those who enjoy reality TV a new show is coming along the lines of Dancing with the Stars, Dance Moms and the like. This new show features the CJA (Central Jersey Allstars), a cheerleading team, including their coaches and the Senior 5 ladies. You can see the show on CMT, which debuted on September 8, 2012.

The show, rich in competition, will lead the view on their journey to the climb to the top ten. Tune in to meet these 12 to 19 year olds as they train and compete to be the best at their craft, cheerleading. Meet the parents of these members and watch as the drama unfolds, as some of the parents are always going to be a squeaky wheel and will want to change things for their child.

Each episode will show the drama, the training, the victories and defeats as this team works to make their way to what they hope will be the top. You will get a glimpse into the highly competitive world of competition cheerleading as you witness the grueling workouts and practices that includes conditioning, dance moves, and even death defying stunts. This is more entertaining than your average soap opera and wrestling match combined.