Regardless whether this year will be your first time to attend cheerleading camp, or if it will be your last, here are some things you might want to know.

  1. Cheer camp started in 1948 with just 52 students. Lawrence Herkimer, the creator, would be proud of what he started if he could see it today.
  2. This year, more than half a million cheerleaders will attend cheer camp.
  3. Camps differ in style, from traditional where different squads interact, to private camps where more individualized attention is available, to resort camps where the camp is more like a vacation at an expensive resort.
  4. In cheer camp, you will build on the skills you already have, not where you are going to get fit. Shape up before attending cheer camp and you will get more out of it.
  5. Bring extra clothing because at cheer camp you will be sweating a lot.
  6. Friendly competition is a good thing, even at cheer camp, but you should not make winning the focus of the experience.
  7. You’ll have more fun if you consider this an opportunity to cheer with friends. Take time to build relationships even if all you want to do after long day training is curl up in bed and go to sleep.
  8. Set your standards high, and strive to be the best you can be.
  9. Get help right away if you find that you are struggling.
  10. Before going to camp, have someone record a team routine. After returning home, record the same routine and compare the differences so that you can see your progress.