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Eye-Catching, Custom Warm-Ups for Pep & Cheer: Unique Designs & Unlimited Options

Be an original. Be unique. Make a striking impression at competitions with beautiful, custom warm-ups for pep and cheer from DA Designs.

Our eye-catching, one-of-a-kind warm-ups are handcrafted with care – and they’re guaranteed to stand out in a crowd of same-same sweat suits. You’ll never have the awkward experience of running into a squad that’s dressed just like you, because our warm-ups are 100% custom-designed.


Extraordinary Quality & Craftsmanship
Eye-Catching, Custom Warm-Ups for Pep & Cheer: Unique Designs & Unlimited Options
Whether you choose velour, double-knit, or wick-away fitness fabric, our custom warm-ups are created by expert tailors using only the highest quality materials. Our designs last for years and years and maintain an excellent condition when cared for properly. Hand your warm-ups down to your younger sisters, keep them for the memories, or order a size up so that you can wear them for years.


Warm-Ups That Fit Wonderfully: Tailor-Made for Real Bodies
Eye-Catching, Custom Warm-Ups for Pep & Cheer: Unique Designs & Unlimited Options
You can buy cheap warm-ups in all kinds of fabric – but you can’t buy cheap warm-ups that fit well. Mass-produced warm-ups with standard sizing don’t fit most people because bodies can’t be defined by one word: small, medium, or large. Girls and women come in all shapes and sizes: petite and dainty, tall and graceful, strong and muscular, curvy and comely. Short torsos and long legs. Short legs and long torsos.

At DA Designs, we believe that all body types are beautiful. Only custom-made warm-ups like ours will fit body types that fall outside the standard sizing – which is almost all of them. Every girl deserves to wear warm-ups that fit, and our tailor-made approach is the only way to guarantee the right size.


Classic Warm-Up Sets with Timeless Style
Eye-Catching, Custom Warm-Ups for Pep & Cheer: Unique Designs & Unlimited Options
Our classic set of custom warm-ups is a popular options. It includes one pair of bottoms in any style (joggers, pants, or Adidas stripes) and one jacket with your name embroidered on the front and your team/studio logo on the back. Each classic set costs $135 ($45 for the pants and $90 for the top).


Upgrade Your Look with Unlimited Options
Creative, Colorful, Customized: Crystal Logos from DA Designs
Want zippered pockets in your warm-ups? Perhaps you prefer the sparkle of Austrian crystals – or an extra-large logo to make an oversized impression. Enhance your warm-ups with unlimited options that make you one-of-a-kind. Add cheer trim down the side, go for a unique color combo, or try a fun color blocking design. The sky’s the limit at DA Designs! Simply show us a picture, draw an idea, or describe the warm-ups you want and we’ll create the look for you. If you can dream it, we can make it.


Request Your Free Design Consultation Today

Does your squad want to stand out this season? Please contact DA Designs now online or by calling 1 (866) 650-0312 to request your free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll help you decide which custom warm-ups are right for you, and we guarantee that you’ll be happy with the results. Contact us today!

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Apparel Tips For Professional Dance Team Tryouts

Apparel Tips For Professional Dance Team Tryouts
First impressions are everything in the world of professional cheer and dance. The right apparel can help an aspiring pro team member stand out in a crowded field of auditionees — but the wrong outfit can quickly sink an otherwise talented dancer.

Not sure what to wear to impress the judges at your pro dance team or cheerleading audition? Keep reading to learn more about putting together the perfect outfit.

Do Your Research

Apparel requirements vary dramatically from one team to the next, and sometimes, from season to season. Read up ahead of time to ensure that your outfit abides by all hard requirements, while also following all unspoken rules. For example, many teams mandate crop tops and shorts in team colors, but dancers may also voluntarily add rhinestones and other bling. Be prepared to purchase bedazzled apparel or bling-it out yourself if that’s what it takes to look the part.

If you know any veterans or dancers who have made finals in past seasons, quiz them on apparel requirements. Show off your planned outfit and ask for critiques. Prep classes are an invaluable source of information, with many directly addressing concerns not only about apparel, but also hair and makeup. If all else fails, stalk the Instagram page of the team you plan to join and determine what stand-out candidates wore during last year’s auditions.

Highlight Your Personal Style

Aspiring pro dancers must tread a fine line between fitting in with vets and standing out. Skew too far either way, and you can kiss this season goodbye. Your best bet is to follow the rules, but find small ways to insert your unique personality into your getup. Custom outfits will prevent you from seeing the exact look you’ve selected on another dancer.

Don’t Be Too Busy

Dancers and cheerleaders LOVE rhinestones, so expect to see a lot of bling at your first audition. You may be tempted to follow suit, but for now, conservative is better. Excessive colors and embellishments create a busy look, which is unappealing to the judges’ eyes. Avoid clashing patterns or those that distract from your overarching theme.

Match Bottoms and Tops

The bottom and top half of your outfit need not look exactly alike, but there should be some element to tie the entire look together. Ideally, at least one color should be present in both parts of your outfit, even if only as an embellishment.

Choose Figure-Flattering Apparel

Ideally, your selection will abide by team requirements while also working well with your unique body type. Choose an outfit that accentuates your best features and camouflages any perceived flaws. The better your apparel fits, the more confident you’ll feel, resulting in a better first impression.

Outfits Should Make You Feel Confident

The most important consideration when choosing the right look for audition day: How does your outfit make you feel? Confidence and projection are crucial. If you feel like you constantly need to adjust your clothes or stand in a certain way to cover up flaws, you won’t show your best self to the judges. Conversely, if your outfit makes you feel attractive, you’ll look and perform better purely as a result of your increased confidence.

Unfortunately, there is no recipe for the perfect audition outfit. A style that looks great on one dancer could be a disaster for the next. Aim for a custom look that shows off your best features and makes you feel like you’re destined to make the team.

Still not sure how to put together the ideal pro dance team audition outfit? Contact DA Designs Dancewear for valuable insight or to schedule a consultation.

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Bling It On: Outshine the Stars with Spectacular Custom Rhinestone Transfers

Custom Rhinestone Transfers for Dance, Cheer & Colorguard
Catch the eyes of everyone in the crowd with custom rhinestone transfers from DA Designs.

Guaranteed to bring the bling like nothing else, these beautiful works of art are created in-house using the finest Swarovski crystals. Whether you’re performing on the field, the basketball court, or the stage, our vibrant designs deliver drama that can’t be ignored.

You Dream; We Create

Creative, Colorful, Customized: Crystal Logos from DA Designs

Let us bring your group’s logo or team name to life with a custom-made rhinestone transfer. Our designs are made in-house, and we can recreate your logo using any colors, stones, and size that you would like. We can “crystallize” any kind of logo, including simple block letters, scripted designs, artistic images of dancers – or all of the above.

Need help with a new logo idea? Our in-house designers are here help guide you through the creative process. Make a big impact with high-shine stones and create a logo that leaves a lasting impression.

Only the Best: Brilliant Austrian Crystals

Dazzling Sparkles Match the Gleam in Your Eye

With a name synonymous with high-end sparkles, Swarovski gemstones stand alone in the world of hand-cut crystals. Used in fine jewelry and luxury chandeliers, these brilliant Austrian crystals are specially cut to refract light in a rainbow spectrum. They sparkle in every color of the rainbow, dazzling the eye with a neverending dance of color and light.

Most other companies use cheap Korean rhinestones that can’t hold a candle to Austrian gems. We know that our clients care about quality – and we know that you know your rhinestones! You can always expect the best from DA Designs.

Embellish with Embroidery

Bling It On with Swarovski Crystal Logos from DA Designs

We pair crystals with colorful embroidery for custom rhinestone transfers that really pop. The sheen of the embroidery thread with the shine of the crystals creates an attention-grabbing design with double the style.

Add Sizzle to Warm-Ups, Uniforms, & Dance Costumes

Our custom rhinestone transfers are stunning additions to all types of dance, cheer, and colorguard costumes. Many groups add them to warm-ups for a little sass with their stretching – and to get in a sparkly state of mind before their performance begins.

Request Your Free Design Consultation Today

Ready? Okay! Get the ball rolling and request your free, no-obligation design consultation today. Please contact DA Designs now online or by calling 1 (866) 650-0312 for more information about our custom rhinestone transfers. Your group deserves the best – and that’s just what DA Designs delivers.

Request Your Free Design Consultation

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The Best Cheer Uniforms and Twirler, & Dance Costumes Ever by DA Designs

Discover our favorite cheer, twirling, and dance costumes ever – and get inspired to create your next customized look with DA Designs. From cute ruffles and colorful bows to cutting-edge dance couture – our best dance costumes showcase a clever combination of creativity, style, and most importantly: FUN!

Big Girl Outfits

  1. Sexy Cut-Out Costume – Right on trend with edgy cut-out fabric, this black and gold outfit is cool and contemporary. Elegant long sleeves balance out the sexy peek-a-boo look, and cute boy shorts give it a modern vibe. A stylish gold chain adds the final touch.
  2. Sexy Cut-Out Costume

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What Every Dancer Ought to Know About Body Liners

Discover the Secret for Quick Costume Changes

No dancer would dream of performing without a body liner under their costume – and you shouldn’t either.

When you wear one of our adjustable nude body liners, you’ll look better, feel more confident, and be able to change backstage in a flash.

Discover the Secret for Quick Costume Changes

Quick Costume Changes

Backstage changes are a breeze when you’re wearing one of our body liners. You’ll keep your modesty intact – and you’ll never have to waste time finding a private dressing room where you can change into your next costume.

Look Smooth, Feel Confident

Body liners help to create a smooth, seamless form so that your audience can focus on your dance moves, not your lumps and bumps. Our form-fitting body liners hide minor imperfections, and are ideal for wearing under costumes with trendy cut-outs or mesh. Bra and underwear lines are a thing of the past.

No Wardrobe Malfunctions

When you’re wearing a body liner, you can go all-out on the dance floor without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. You can dance confidently knowing that you’ll always be covered up.

Adjustable, Convertible Shoulder Straps

Featuring clear, convertible straps, our body liners can be adjusted to fit any size. The straps can be worn in numerous configurations, including halter style, cross-back, or conventional shoulder style.

Quick-Drying & Easy Cleaning

Our body liners are made of Dri-Tec, a moisture-wicking fabric that helps you stay comfortable even when the heat is on. They are machine washable and easy to clean – buy a couple so that one is always ready to go!

Coming Soon: Capri-Length Body Liners

Need a capri-length unitard to go under a colorguard costume or longer outfit? Stay tuned: mid-calf-length body liners from DA Designs are coming soon!

Would you wear pants without underwear? Of course not. And you shouldn’t wear a costume without a body liner, either.

Order your body liner today, and contact DA Designs to request your free consultation.

Looking for new costume ideas? Download our free trend report: 2016’s Hottest Dance & Cheer Costumes.



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Cookie-Cutter vs. Custom-Made Dance Costumes: 6 Crucial Differences to Help You Choose Correctly

Discover six differences between custom dance outfits vs. catalog costumes, and decide if DA Designs is right for you. Tailor-made and mass-produced outfits can vary greatly when it comes to quality, originality, and design. Learn the pros and cons of each, and make the right choice for your team.

Custom Made Dance Costumes for Pro Teams

#1. Originality

DA Designs costumes are 100% custom-made, and created from scratch just for you. Some companies claim to make “custom” outfits, but they are really just using the same template over and over. They’ll switch out a button for a bow, and pretend that it’s one of a kind.

But you can tell the difference – and so can the judges. DA Designs doesn’t make cookie-cutter costumes. We start with an idea and create a 100% original piece, from the drawing to the finished outfit. You’ll never run into another team that’s wearing the same thing.

Custom Made Dance Costumes for Majorettes

#2. Quality

At DA Designs, we hire the best seamstresses in the business to make costumes of the highest quality craftsmanship. Every outfit is sewn with great care to be extremely Continue reading Cookie-Cutter vs. Custom-Made Dance Costumes: 6 Crucial Differences to Help You Choose Correctly

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10 Guaranteed Tips to Take Care of Your Custom Dance Costume So It Stays Sensational

Spandex, sequins, rhinestones and fringe – your custom-made DA Designs dance outfit is a true work of art. Our costumes are handcrafted with the highest-quality fabric and workmanship, and with a little TLC they’ll stay in excellent condition.

Do you know how to take care of your custom dance costume so that it stays beautiful as long as possible? Discover ten top tips from the pros at DA Designs Don’t just throw it in the bottom of your bag! Learn how to take care of your custom dance costume, and keep it beautiful longer with a little TLC

Discover ten quick tips to take care of your custom dance costume. Give your outfit the love it needs, and keep it looking beautiful as long as possible.

  1. Treat your custom costume with extreme care. When you are putting your costume on and taking it off, be sure not to over-stretch it in any way. Use delicate motions while you’re getting dressed and undressed.
  2. Hang your costume up after each use until it is completely dry. Passionate performers work up a sweat – and that’s okay! Just make sure that your outfit dries completely before you put it away in a drawer or on a closet shelf. Damp clothes that aren’t allowed to dry can grow mildew, which can be hard to remove (and it smells!).
  3. Store your costume in a safe, dry location away from direct sunlight. Don’t cram your garment into a too-tight space – give it room to breathe instead.
  4. Continue reading 10 Guaranteed Tips to Take Care of Your Custom Dance Costume So It Stays Sensational

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Customer Showcase: Cirque Du Soleil Costumes for High School Kickline National Champions

Naturally when the Maine South High School Hawkettes in a suburb of Chicago contacted us to make another costume, we were thrilled to hear from them. As long term customers of ours, we look forward to working with them throughout the school year. In addition to being national champions, their passion for dance had made headlines more than once.
For their latest performance, the Hawkettes needed a Cirque Du Soleil themed costume and we were ecstatic to begin the design. Their dance team has always brought some of the most colorful, interesting, and altogether breathtaking costume ideas to DA Designs Dancewear. This particular design earned the title of masterpiece before the last stitch was sewn.

So with a budget of $500 each for 26 dancers, knew we had to come up with something that would make the Hawkettes feel as confident on the outside as they do on this inside.

Ready to see the result?

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Always Be Prepared: Creating Your Costume in Three Steps

3-steps-costumeYou wouldn’t show up to a test empty-handed—rather, empty-headed—right?

A successful costume has to start somewhere … and it’s with the client! Every D.A. Designs costume begins with a client consultation in person or over the phone or Internet to determine the best fit for you, whether it’s for a college team or a solo recital.

But before we construct your killer costume, we need some help from you!

Keep reading for the three key steps to creating a winning costume. Continue reading Always Be Prepared: Creating Your Costume in Three Steps